Sunday, 16 April 2017

Eat The Fats: Animal Fats Are Good For The Health

A common misconception about fats is that they are bad for one’s well-being.  That is only partially true as the types of fats that are unhealthy are the refined ones, such as vegetable fats processed from soy, corn, peanut, or others.

However, there are also good fats – examples are unrefined, saturated animal fats.  They contain protein and many more nutrients that are beneficial to the body.
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Some of the proven health benefits of consuming nourishing animal fats are the following:

Better body composition

Animal fats are rich in omega-3 and good cholesterol that improve the body processes that burn fat, e.g. metabolism and lipolysis, promotes hormonal balance, which maintains one’s lean physique and satiates cravings.

Improved cardiovascular health

Saturated fat is essential to cardiovascular health; they improve cholesterol ratio and reduces the risk of contracting heart diseases because the triglycerides are lowered, which, in turn, limits one’s sugar and carbohydrate intake.
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Stronger bones

The appropriate consumption of healthy animal fats helps calcium metabolism.While these fats do not provide the body with calcium and other nutrients needed for the bones, they enhance the bones’ absorption of these nutrients.  As a result, the bone mineral density is optimized, and osteoporosis can be prevented.

Geoffrey Morell is the co-owner of P.A. Bowen Farmstead, a farm that practices managed grazing to provide livestock with proper sustenance and shelter.  This ensures that the highest quality meat and dairy products are delivered to customers.  Follow this Twitter page to read more about the industry.